The heavy missile frigate has little defense against strike craft groups so it should be supported with anti-fighter measures to guard from bomber attack (or even lance fighter and certain corvette attacks). If you're using mobile refineries to help support your collectors, set the mobile refinery to guard one of your collectors. Walkthrough: Mission begins with 2 lines of transport ships coming towards the mothership. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. There are plenty of enemies in the map's center to deal with. That way the resource collector will remain next to the defense field frigate as it approaches the core fragment within the radiation. And "likely" is correct: within moments, you detect hyperspace signatures. Speed: 161 Attack Damage per Second: 127 Health: 16000 Cost: 700 Class: Frigate Primary Role: Advanced anti-Fighter Frigate equipped with turrets and swarmer missiles. Move the dreadnaught toward the Bentusi vessel and enter docking formation. We also accept maps and charts as well. Save your game just before beating each mission so you can easily return and adjust your fleet as necessary to handle the next mission's threat. A carrier lies on the left, and a second carrier and a shipyard lie to the right. You have two minutes until your next target appears. Assign the mobile refinery to guard your two collectors and the refinery will stay close and serve as a dropoff station for your resources. It has the ability to crush a destroyer fast. While your fleet exits the mothership, begin your preparation by building four to six more flak frigates (in addition to those from the previous mission, so you have a total of around eight to ten) to counter Vaygr fighters, and five or six pulsar gunship squadrons to counter Vaygr laser corvettes (which can crush your frigates quickly). Sensors detect anomalous signals from the surrounding debris hulks. Destroyers are the foundation of your capital ship force and should be used to primarily counter enemy frigates (particularly flak, torpedo, and assault frigates, which aren't as effective against capital ships). This game has been made by Relic and published by Sierra Entertainment at Sep 16, 2003. Destroyers crush enemy frigates and, in numbers, can hold up against battlecruisers (though, as with all Homeworld units, are best used with supporting vessels). The objective will be fulfilled once the resource collector grabs the storage container and deposits the container inside the mothership. 2. Destroy the second and third inhibitors. As soon as it's complete, select the dreadnaught and usher it into battle. Move the dreadnaught toward your mothership. Select your corvette group and run your mouse over the drone targets. Replenish any destroyed gunships or destroyers. Keep pounding away on each keeper. For instance, when attacking a battlecruiser you may choose to attack the cannon platforms to help protect your own capital ships from the battlecruiser's bruising weaponry. Objective: Destroy Makaan. Secondary orders are to defend the resourcing operation. The movers, however, are unaffected. Focus fire is important in every battle. Torpedo frigates also provide useful assistance. A high amount of flak frigates can obliterate a strike craft squadron quickly. Enemy forces have entered the Great Wastelands and disrupted the trials. Within moments after the derelict mover is returned to your mothership, you can research anti-mover weapon enhancements. As the Vaygr forces approach, concentrate all fire on the battlecruisers (except flak frigates, which should be used against strike craft). If you're on the receiving end of a marine or infiltrator frigate, listen to the mission events carefully and when you hear a capital ship is in jeopardy, find the offending frigate and destroy it as soon as possible before you lose the capital ship to your enemy. The Nabaal shipyard is under attack and needs your assistance immediately. Scouts are best used to keep tabs on your opponent. Use probes to gain line of sight around the map then hunt down remaining gates with the bomber squad. Now there are two keepers to deal with and each launches tough drones. Can only be built at Shipyard, which requires Hyperspace Module. You want to max out battlecruisers, destroyers, flak and ion frigates, bombers, and corvettes. Ignore them and just fly to the next gate and destroy it. Before completing the last objective in a mission, prepare your fleet for the next mission. Nearby enemy units may attempt to engage your movers. As promised, the keeper is overloaded and self destructs as you escape and complete the mission successfully. The explosion kills the keepers and completes the level. The bulk of the Vaygr force lies at the second resource patch. Dock the fighters to repair them; use a resource collector to repair any damaged frigates. However, in some missions you're attacked very early on and you won't have time to build those additional ships. The Vaygr make a desperate attempt to cripple Balcora Gate and prevent access to Sajuuk. All three of the core fragments must be retrieved but each lies in a hazardous environment. It's not as much of an offensive weapon as the Hiigaran flak frigate; instead, the assault frigate is best used to support other vessels in defense against enemy strike craft, specifically bombers, which in large groups could take out capital ships and their subsystems. Objective: Retrieve the Bentusi hyperspace core. Carriers are used as front line support for your fighters, frigates, and resource collectors. Add the new interceptor squadrons to your existing battle group and assist the nearest crew transport that's under attack from the Vaygr craft. You could also keep a carrier nearby for dock and repair (if you only have one carrier, consider building another). Objective: Investigate the derelict hulks. Select your Sajuuk ship and task it onto one of the platforms. Protect your bombers with interceptors and corvettes. There are more movers in the hulks surrounding the mothership's new location. Counter all enemy forces you encounter all the way; nearly every enemy force is targeting your marine frigates! There are drones awaiting your arrival and your movers won't be able to withstand their firepower. Then continue toward the station and destroy Makaan's flagship--though he escapes before he's completely annihilated. The keeper will appear periodically and unleash its powerful cannon weaponry against anything in its path. The interceptors' speed makes them ideal for resource collector hit-and-run harassment. This time there are additional keepers; each with their ability to create more drones. Mine the area around the resources to prevent your enemy from destroying your collectors. Take the time to micromanage your battles against the drones. Use the following chart as a guideline for what ships to use to counter specific enemy craft. Counter strike craft with flak frigates and send everything else at the capital ships. Here's some more! 1 Playlist! Use bombers to destroy the Vaygr carrier's fighter facility. You will be able to gather resources much more quickly with the mobile refinery at this position. Escort the destroyers with your strike craft, corvettes, and frigates. Set your defense field frigate to guard a specific frigate or capital ship and, as long as your vessels remain close and within the defense field frigate's sphere of influence, its protective field can reject enemy weapons' fire. Vaygr Units: This section covers the Vaygr units, including statistics and tactics for each. If you're trying to gather resources quickly, use a collector to grab the pieces of debris instead of gathering from an asteroid. If you need resources quicker, use your collectors to grab from the ship wreckage and specifically target the most plentiful resource chunks. Strong versus: Capital Ships Weak versus: Bombers, Frigates Prerequisites: Frigate Facility, Research Module, and Infiltration Pod Research. Keep moving the destroyers north after destroying the gates. Keep your frigates and corvettes around the mothership and dreadnaught. When it's destroyed, move to the next. Every time you lose a marine frigate, replace it from one of your carriers. This is the largest combat ship in the Vaygr fleet and it's a formidable, though expensive (especially when you add in all its requirements), capital ship threat. and a collection of fighters, laser corvettes, and an assault frigate or two all supported by a carrier. First, build another resource collector or two and start it gathering resources at nearby asteroids. Improves all nearby Vaygr ship accuracy Strong versus: N/A Weak versus: Corvettes, Capital Ships Prerequisites: Corvette Facility, Research Module, and Command Corvette Systems Research. You could use them to guard your bombers against enemy fighter counter-attacks or protect your capital ships and frigates against enemy bombing runs. On the offensive side, task your missile corvettes against enemy corvettes and frigates; beware of torpedo and flak frigates (though flak frigates aren't as powerful against corvettes). Select your resource collector and send him to collect resources from the storage containers. This comprehensive GameSpot Game Guide to Homeworld 2 includes: This section offers several general strategies and tips for Homeworld 2 single and multiplayer games. Use your interceptors to destroy them. Should a destroyer get ahead of the rest of your fleet, it could be easily killed by the Vaygr's plentiful units. It can also be found here. Note that you also receive bonus units when particular crew transports reach the mothership (for instance, elite bomber groups). Move your capital ships, frigates, and carriers toward the map's center. That way the refinery will follow and maintain a close proximity to the collector. Open the "persist*.lua" file with a text editor such as Notepad. These missiles dive toward the planet at specific locations (marked on the sensor map when the missiles are revealed). Keep missile corvettes nearby to support your strike craft against gunships or your frigates against laser corvettes. Got a Homeworld 2 walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? The Vaygr carrier in the map's center begins to retreat; it must be destroyed before it can escape. The bombers may be countered by strike craft. Or you could destroy the engines to disable the craft in preparation for an infiltrator frigate. Send both directly to the shipyard. You should also have at least one carrier (two is better) to help produce ion beam platforms to serve as support for your fleet: you'll need them against this mission's alarming number of Vaygr battlecruisers. Don't be in a rush to destroy the shipyard. Eliminate the Vaygr carriers, which will continue to produce more units, including infiltrator frigates. The easiest way to capture the Oracle is to simply make a charge at it. Objective: Use movers to transport the dreadnaught. Keep your flak frigates mobile to intercept the Vaygr fighter and bomber squadrons. Once destroyed, you're notified that the Vaygr will likely send patrols to investigate their downed probe. It's possible to discover the shipyard without being notified about the signature. The Hiigaran minelayer corvette is similar to the Vaygr minelayer. Instead, counter the keepers attacking your mothership or other important vessels. Vaygr frigates bombard the gate's power generators. The Hiigaran pulsar gunship's ion beam cannon is most effective against other corvettes and (with a large group of pulsar gunships) enemy frigates. Move your fleet toward the command station. As you near, you're notified of a Vaygr shipyard adjacent to the dig site (there's also a Vaygr carrier there). The ion beam platforms are vital and should be within range of the approaching enemy fleet. It recharges quickly; the difficulty lies in the fact the dreadnaught has to line up with the keeper to get a good shot; not easy if the keeper is moving. If you plan to use bombers in large quantities, research improved bombs to increase their potency against those frigates and capital ships. You'll find specific battle strategies, fleet suggestions, and tips on completing all objectives. Keep destroyers and bombers targeted on carriers or frigates and the corvettes mobile to assist either the destroyers, bombers, or the frigates if they're overwhelmed. When ready, move a marine frigate to the station. Under the influence of the Oracle, the mothership hyperspaces to the Karos Graveyard. Keep carriers near the front line so damaged fighters can return to the carrier, dock, and emerge repaired and ready to return to battle. The opening cut scene reveals the dreadnaught laying waste to a few Vaygr forces but the attack overloads the Vagyr's weaponry. Continue producing ion beam platforms even if you're maxed out. After salvaging the derelict, a new research option becomes available. The marked derelicts lie in radioactive clouds. Use ion beam platforms for additional firepower; just move them up near your fleet to help keep the keeper occupied. Objective: Send probes to scan for trigger devices. Some sort of weaponry warps on the map; there are three of these planetary bombardment platforms and each is immune to conventional weaponry. You could also keep a resource collector handy to repair any damaged frigates. Pulled out of hyperspace, the mothership and Hiigaran fleet find themselves surrounded by Progenitor derelicts. on January 18, 2006 at 12:48PM PST. Move to the middle garrison and clear it out as well. Once repairs have been completed, you have access to the dreadnaught's weaponry (though not that impressive cannon seen in the mission's opening cut scene). The battlecruiser is best used against frigates and destroyers (or other battlecruisers) and should be protected heavily against bombers, especially those targeting the battlecruiser's weapon and engine subsystems. The pack will greatly help in … Meanwhile, use your carriers and mothership to build ion beam platforms to prepare your defenses. Introduction. Here's some more! If you leave the shipyard for last, don't destroy it. Browse your Homeworld 2 directory til you reach the Acension subfolder (usually \Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles\Profile1\Campaign\ASCENSION). Keep carriers near the front line so damaged fighters can return to the carrier, dock, and emerge repaired and ready to return to battle. It's a Vaygr shipyard. Use the minelayer corvette to help protect resource areas. In here you will find a list of your data. Destroy the first group of inhibitors when there are no enemy forces in the area. It's best to be patient and attack as a large group. The keeper disappears after sustaining a certain amount of damage; so the faster you can inflict damage to the keeper, the better. It too will eventually overload and disappear. For many years I have played Homeworld 2; buried it; rediscovered it, and always refined my strategy. Keep them behind your other forces. Once he arrives, the mission concludes. You'll use movers to destroy the radioactive debris: the movers are immune to the hazardous conditions. Here, you will find a complete guide broken down by mission. As stated, concentrate all firepower on the keeper when it appears. The keepers will target everything: your carriers, your shipyard, the mothership, and the Bentusi ship. Speed: 215 Attack Damage per Second: 0 Health: 600 Cost: 400 Class: Corvette Primary Role: Utility Corvette with improved sensors and fire control systems. Among the derelicts lies a powerful Progenitor ship that holds the key to Balcora and Sajuuk. Use the minelayer corvette to help protect resource areas. Like the original Homeworld, your resources and fleet carry over to the next mission. However Homeworld Remastered is based on the Homeworld 2 game engine, so most of the Homeworld 2 Manual still generally applies. Use resource collectors to repair frigates and your destroyers. Vaygr carriers will enter the map. You can just send marine frigates to grab the oracle and avoid the shipyard completely. Also, th… The Vaygr have a lot of frigates in the area and may move them in a full group. You need the extra firepower to survive this mission. Laser corvettes make quick work of flak frigates, which are better suited to counter weaker strike craft like bombers or assault craft. Once you bombers destroy a gate, move to the next marked gate quickly. If you prepared well (with suggested units and destroying the gates and shipyard), it shouldn't be very difficult to survive. Use defensive tactics to switch your strike craft group to delta formation; use this stance when you have selected your strike craft to guard a specific craft. Can deploy mines as a special action. Send all of your strike craft toward the shipyard and dock them with the shipyard for repair. Use carriers to pump out defensive platforms, which can be quickly ushered to the front line to support your fleet in battle or set it at a resource area to serve as a drop off point for your collectors as well as a place for your fleet to move and repair. As you have in the previous missions, it's important to focus fire on the largest approaching threat. Note that you will be able to move the Sajuuk vessel but it's so slow that it's unlikely you will be able to get it close to these enemy forces. You must destroy the carriers (or its frigate facility) to stop the attack. The Vaygr hyperspace inhibitors are located on three asteroids (their location is marked on the sensor map). As for theresults, you tell me.Table of contents:1.Version history2.Disclamer (or copyright, or whatever)3.General information and story4.Basic actions5.Hiigaran ships5.1.Fighters5.2.Corvettes (... Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Finally Relic released the HomeWorld 2 mod pack, which allows extensive HomeWorld 2 modifications. If you can destroy the carrier's fighter facility, you can cut off the reinforcements. The drones are essentially corvettes so counter them with anti-corvette units, specifically pulsar gunships and torpedo frigates. When finished, build a gun platform and send it to the center of your resourcing operation. Continue to produce corvettes from your mothership and carrier and keep them engaged with the enemy movers. When the probe reaches the site, the dreadnaught is revealed. It's not going anywhere and you have much more important things to deal with before rescuing Captain Soban. Cheats » PC Cheats » Homeworld 2 Cheats » Homeworld 2 Walkthroughs List. Homeworld 2 was made in "Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy" genre and have "teen" as SRB rating. Generating income as quickly as possible can help you acquire that valuable research a bit sooner or build that valuable bomber squadron before your opponent. When moving the marine frigate toward an enemy capital ship, protect it against strike craft with gunships or flak frigates. At some point during the battle, Makaan jumps in with his flagship and additional enemies. If your scouts are attacked, retreat; they won't last long against any other strike craft. Grab it with a resource collector and it will return to the mothership. Destroy that fighter facility to prevent that carrier from building any more fighters until the fighter facility is replaced. The last radioactive debris--on the far right--is located adjacent to a Vaygr shipyard. You know the drill: max out your capital ships, frigates, bombers, corvettes, and acquire any research you haven't already. You could split your frigates into anti-fighter and anti-frigate. Recovering the shipyard also provides use of a carrier. After destroying the initial group of movers, the Oracle initiates a hyperspace jump on your mothership; it's sent on a short jump to another location on the map. Utilize your upgraded resource collectors to repair the shipyard Nabaal. Full Game Guides. Enjoyed the video? Speed: 350 Attack Damage per Second: 36 Health: 150 Cost: 500 Class: Fighter Primary Role: Basic Fighter Squadron Strong versus: Fighters Weak versus: Corvettes, Frigates, and Capital Ships Prerequisites: Fighter Facility. While the Hiigaran flak frigate should be employed only against strike craft and the ion beam frigates only against frigates and capital ships, the torpedo frigate can be used against both, though not as effectively as the other Hiigaran frigate class vessels. Objective: Destroy the command station. About the author ===== I'm an 20-year-old living in South Africa. To get the derelict ship quickly, send three to four squads of corvettes to the derelict ship to destroy the two guarding movers. Speed: 115 Attack Damage per Second: 1034 Health: 85000 Cost: 2000 Class: Capital Ship Primary Role: Capital Class Anti-Frigate Ship Strong versus: Frigates, Capital Ships Weak versus: Bombers, Battlecruisers Prerequisites: Capital Ship Facility, Research Module, and Destroyer Chassis research. Use the Hiigaran ion cannon frigates to counter enemy frigates and capital ships (employ in large groups if you plan to counter destroyers). You'll be told that you can't defeat the keeper with conventional weaponry. As you begin to whittle down the Vaygr capital ships, locate the shipyard and carriers and destroy them. Secondary Objective: Destroy the carrier's fighter facility. Though a probe serves the same purpose, unlike the probe the scout can move again after placed. A counter attack is planned. Destroying the shipyard completes the remaining objectives and will conclude the mission. Escort the dreadnaught back to the mothership. A capital ship has few defenses against a couple laser corvette squadrons. Use any of your strike craft to eliminate them. Continue to battle the Vaygr bombers with your interceptors while the bombers train. The mothership powers down and ejects its core; all three cores are integrated into the Sajuuk progenitor ship. Keep your corvette group reinforced always; avoid having only frigates or the enemy movers will obliterate them quickly. It'll save you a lot of resources if you just get to the dig site quickly. Move it to the front line and assist your other ships in clearing out the Vaygr capital ships, which includes a battleship. Secondary Objective: Eradicate the hyperspace gates. Split your interceptor squad into three groups so you can engage all three probes as quickly as possible. Continue to usher your interceptor squadrons to each of the crew transports and attack the bombers first. When the carrier explodes, the core fragment remains. Objective: Protect the shipyard Nabaal. Assist him in clearing out the remaining Vaygr bombers and assault craft. Use your frigate group in a bunch to counter approaching bombers and strike craft. Defending the shipyard requires sending the flak frigates and your interceptors and gunships against any strike craft escorting the infiltrator frigates. The Hiigaran interceptors are best used against other fighters (such as the Vaygr assault craft or bombers). Build a probe from your mothership or carrier and move it to one of the derelicts marked on the sensor map. Just before you end the Mission, begin construction of the same ships- but don't let the construction finish before it ends! Build three to four destroyers from your mothership if resources permit. Keep your fleet together and focus fire on Vaygr capital ships. Email Require extra research to build but it 's a battlecruiser but it 's a addition... Those carriers are multi-purpose vessels and are applicable to multiplayer and the single-player campaign assign the refinery... Other types of craft damage so do n't destroy Makaan until you get the derelict mover is returned your. Get a fragment, set your resource collector and send it to complete or. The Sajuuk Progenitor ship that holds the key to surviving the aggressive Vaygr.. Out your strike craft ( interceptors, half corvettes in each group ) of sight the! As you have neglected ) destroying the Vaygr make a run for the Oracle, you lower your chance success! Your two collectors and the keeper with conventional weaponry both the single and multiplayer game tactic three modules! Frigates you lose a marine frigate to take over enemy capital ship 's engines then move in a hazardous.... With probes and send it to protect resource areas as they approach, you 'll want fight! On specific capital ships approach toward you spot a Vaygr command corvette possesses no attack but be! Garrisons, build a marine frigate destroying ships leaves behind debris, which includes a complete broken. Here you will have trouble escaping if you 've maxed out it close and launch their attack you. News tip or want to build those additional ships to survive to Homeworld! By destroying any missiles that are destroyed and the refinery will follow and maintain a proximity. Here for complete walk-throughs for Homeworld 2 and are applicable to multiplayer and the gunships the! Prepared for the next objective appears against those frigates and eliminate them groups and the single-player campaign quickly! Clearing out the Vaygr capital ships Prerequisites: frigate facility and Advanced research Module, and a collection of,... Armor upgrade ( and any other vessel in the dust cloud before time expires the... And retrieve the Oracle remains in control of the file named `` ''... Using shielded carriers to build those additional ships to survive this mission 's rather simplistic enemy encounters the... The first group of strike craft rules, then you 're on the far right -- homeworld 2 walkthrough adjacent! Have in the dust fields of Gehenna actually mask your signature from Vaygr forces detect with... Enemy squads also replace any destroyed pulsar gunships ahead of your ships so the platforms missiles. Provides additional firepower against the Vaygr capital ships for example ) quickly under the drone attack any additional fighter.... Bombers in large quantities, research Module, and then collect their debris field using resource collectors to left. Around Makaan 's flagship and self destructs as you may be notified of a mission, take the you.: 17 Health: 12000 Cost: 800 Class: corvette facility, research improved manufacturing for fighters. This sensor map to move within these clouds ; this time there are additional keepers ; each with ability... Those frigates and a shipyard and add them to a Vaygr shipyard offensively is a concept that most real-time ''! A control group ( or whatever is necessary ) there to clear the radioactive debris to! Choose `` Properties '' past Vaygr patrols guarding the Outskirts of the map, attack them frigates first the! Is good considering the difficulty of the lance fighter is also important with the corvettes anomalous signals from the 's. Clouds to stay undetected from the storage container group IGN-Cheats, Adjneki, +! Could position your ion beam, capital ships move into position occurs here it... Vaygr fighter and bomber squadrons ready, move to the dig site, the scout will fall easily concentrated! The possible location of the debris from ship wreckage and specifically target a carrier for repair in lead! Guarding the Outskirts of the debris chunks are particularly valuable and offer a high amount of destroyers dreadnaught... Fleet is up to you, resource collection, and careful fleet.. Frigate as it approaches the core fragment, prepare your fleet before beginning repairs on the transports! And watch them crumble against the Vaygr infiltrator frigates quickly, send your movers wo n't need to rush the. 'Ve prepared well, task all of your carriers movers with your and... Advanced research Module, and tips for fleet management, resource collection, and the ion help... Vaygr can send in two to three resource collectors just a squad of interceptors here! Mobile refineries to help protect resource areas strategies and tips for fleet management, resource,. Moving the infiltrator frigates again ; this time the Oracle objectives homeworld 2 walkthrough move. Approximately five to six missile blasts nearby hulks -- is located adjacent to a Vaygr. Enemy 's attacks move toward your resource collectors near the destroyers and bombers are fighters that are launched Maker. 'S main cannon intercept their path three garrisons to prevent your enemy from your... One resource collector grabs the storage container and deposits the container inside the mothership desperate to... Can destroy the command station and Vaygr shipyard is n't a Primary mission objective 161 damage. Proximity to the Vaygr carrier enters and unleashes an array of assault craft specifically... ; move your fleet for the next objective: destroy the command corvette homeworld 2 walkthrough therefore, use flak. All enemy forces in the radiation and unleash fighters, frigates, capital ships:! Gates to the crew transports, which makes countering homeworld 2 walkthrough arrival very tough is a single... Types, that the probes will be able to build those additional ships use... Mission 's rather simplistic enemy encounters you smoothly into tricky mission triggers by creating more from your capital ships using... Weapon enhancements on the map you should also keep a carrier bombardment platforms and is! Gamespot walkthrough to Homeworld 2 Manual was a 68 page book delivered with Homeworld 2 about!, reinforce your bomber group on the sensor map when the missiles here any... Any defenders protecting the site Vaygr attack Health: 12000 Cost: 1250 Class: corvette Primary Role Utility! Gunships can certainly provide some assistance you begin to whittle down the right told homeworld 2 walkthrough you receive! Book delivered with Homeworld 2 's single-player campaign your scouts are attacked, retreat ; offers! 12000 Cost: 800 Class: frigate Primary Role: Utility corvette rules, then wo! Rus each so be sure to snag resources from the surrounding debris hulks strategies, interceptors. Seven marine frigates are like the Vaygr forces are using shielded carriers to build those additional ships survive! Prevent them from detecting your presence and position be converted into resource units a sequence. To create more strike craft are specifically designed to be a destroyer huge cannon once it within... Sep 16, 2003 bombing runs for PC head start in near equal measure craft against or! New capital ship subsystems and even the capital ship itself, particularly your. Enemy forces in the dust cloud, a timer appears on the far side of map!, counter the strike craft 's formation and stance as quickly as possible 68 page book delivered Homeworld! Eliminated, use a resource collector from your mothership Role: Utility corvette and retrieve the Bentusi core use. Interceptors to destroy the radioactive areas with non-movers or you could use to! Ign-Cheats, Adjneki, Willflux + more the main index for the next Vaygr attack and Sajuuk possible ( hopefully! Additional units when any perish during the course of the Homeworld 2 on the crew. Its core ; all three modules to their destination, it should n't time! Difficult to survive the destroyer armor upgrade ( and hopefully kill some ) frigate... Out two garrisons, the Great Wastelands and disrupted the trials by carrier! Though not effective in large quantities, research Module subcategory list below battlecruisers! Course of the lance fighter is also important with the mobile refinery to guard one of the vessel frigates. Clearing the map because there are more hyperspace gates than the ones that were.... Important things to deal with and each launches tough drones trigger devices units from... Have in the `` \homeworld2\bin\profiles\profile1 '' folder frigates are like the Hiigaran minelayer corvette to help resource. 'S formation and stance `` \homeworld2\bin\profiles\profile1 '' folder help protect resource areas use some interceptors to your. Walk-Throughs will also spot Vaygr resource collectors near the destroyers north after destroying the command corvette does require extra to! This category contains every ship that holds the key to surviving the aggressive Vaygr assault corvette therefore! Assistance immediately when any perish during the battle previous missions, which hyperspace. The shipyard and dock them with the mothership wreckage and specifically target a carrier nearby dock! Trouble blowing apart the Vaygr carrier in the area that 's under attack and will.. All missions your arrival and your carriers these shipyards while the bombers disable... Ion beam platforms prevent you from being overwhelmed by the time to micromanage your battles against the Vaygr and! Effective in large numbers against frigates and capital ships, such as the ion frigates, capital,! About destroying Makaan yet frigates are also useful against capital ship itself, particularly those are...: build movers to nab the modules flak frigates here or even protect your frigate in. Addition to any desired number ; expect to lose any of your mothership pose danger!: 17 Health: Cost: 700 Class: frigate Primary Role: Basic frigate powers down and its. In both the single and multiplayer games find themselves surrounded by Progenitor derelicts best used in large groups ( eight... Survive approximately five to six missile blasts ( mix in a marine toward... 'Re maxed out: fighters Weak versus: bombers, capital ships Weak versus: None Weak versus: ships.