Taro calls out to Bardock, speculating that Frieza has identified a valuable planet that will require all the Saiyans to purge, and Leek is happy to latch onto this explanation. Daigen punches Broly in the chest several times, but Broly doesn't even flinch. The confrontation between Broly and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a treat to witness. Looking Back on the TV Show’s Climax, Dragon Ball Super: Broly x Tokyo Skytree Special Event, Dragon Ball Super: Broly Original Soundtrack, Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Funimation Is Bringing Dragon Ball Super: Broly to North American Theaters in 2019, 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Reveals Runtime. The scene of Goku from the first trailer that is absent in the movie. Broly attacks with a beam, but Gogeta dodges it with ease, landing a hard punch and effortlessly dodging Broly's explosion of smaller attacks. Goku asks Frieza what's going on, and Frieza says he's just here for the Dragon Balls, which he calls to him via telekinesis as his goons stumble after them, falling onto the snow. Goku continues to struggle, and Cheelai laments that this is only happening because the gentle-hearted Broly is a slave to his father's obsessive drive. Vegeta's obsession to surpass Goku is among the key traits to his character. Forty-one years ago on Planet Vegeta, home of the infamous Saiyan warrior race, King Vegeta noticed a baby named Broly whose latent power exceeded that of his own son. Cheelai thinks Broly should ditch him, but Broly will not speak ill of his father. Goku then explains to the group that he Instantly Transmitted to Broly's ki, as they still do not process what he was saying. Broly appears in front of them. Taro then mentions that Frieza has been asking around about the legendary Super Saiyan, which makes Bardock even more suspicious. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Goku wonders what Frieza would wish for since he can't wish anything beyond Shenron's power. However, he has an inaugural gift for his new subjects, a number of devices called scouters, which are a compact version of the Scout-scopes the Saiyans have used previously, and they can be worn as headgear. Bardock and some of the other Saiyans fly up to investigate, but they never see Frieza. Naohiro Shintani A poster was released on March 13, 2018, 11 days before the airing of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super, featuring an entirely new traditional animation design by Toeianimator Naohiro Shintani, as opposed to veteran Drago… Of the 106664 characters on Anime Characters Database, 22 are from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. An exceptional fighting prodigy, Vegeta has trained himself since a young age; and has always had natural talents in martial arts and chi control. Goku manages to get back on his feet and attempts to attack Broly with an energy sphere, only to have his attack effortlessly crushed in Broly's hand. Bulma's perch is threatened and Vegeta has to catch her. Paragus gets Frieza's attention, and Frieza decides it's time to begin. 1 Can't Defeat: Krillin. Broly. Written by They have two children. At Planet Vampa, Broly drags in a huge claw in his cave where a starving Cheelai and Lemo wait. Paragus also questions this and Frieza is surprised he has never seen a Super Saiyan before. Douglas Rand. Meanwhile, Broly has grown so large that he dwarfs Goku, and he is fully in control of the fight, furiously trying to stomp Goku into the ground, but Goku desperately rolls away. Paragus dons some kind of mask and they begin to search for Broly using one of the old scout-scopes. They set the pod down, and Kakarot cries. The special is a recap of the finale of the anime series, followed by footage of the movie.[11]. He is among the last surviving pure Saiyans from the planet Vegeta. While Broly rages, Kikono, Lemo, and Cheelai hold on to Dragon Balls as the ship takes off. Somewhere out in space, Vegeta is on a mission with Raditz, Nappa, and two adult Saiyans. Frieza is pleased, but Vegeta recognizes that Goku won't be able to beat Broly alone. Seeing as Broly is a horrible late-game Fighter, a Crisis Fighter like Gohan is a fantastic partner for him. Paragus was however unhappy with this development as it interfered with Broly's training, so he shot Ba in the head with a gun, severing his ear. Broly starts crying, and the device explodes. Spanish dub: Alejandro Albaiceta (first movie), Javier Del Río (second movie) 5. They go at it and the fight is a little bit closer to even now, but Goku is still struggling. Paragus and Beets approach Planet Vampa, which is actually a planetoid, almost as small as an asteroid. Dragon Ball Super: Broly released on December 14, 2018. Paragus looks worriedly to Frieza, but Frieza just laughs. The Saiyans take notice as the ships enter the atmosphere; Gine emerges from her house with a concerned expression. Cold explains that Saiyans will serve Frieza as they have served him; the only thing that will change is that Frieza is more cruel than he. He notices that Broly's armor is a little loose on his body, and realizes that Broly must have transformed into a Great Ape the night before when the moon was full. Forty-one years ago on Planet Vegeta, home of the infamous Saiyan warrior race, King Vegeta noticed a baby named Broly whose latent power exceeded that of his own son. As they fly to their destination, Goku asks Bulma why she wants to collect the Dragon Balls. Paragus comes forward and introduces himself by name. Although those terms are often flexible (especially with Akira Toriyama at the helm), "canon" generally describes material released in manga form or written … It disturbs their surroundings so much that Frieza has to put up an Energy Shield around himself, while Paragus goes flying. Paragus plans to retrieve Broly from Planet Vampa and then serve out their exile on a more habitable planet, though Beets is free to return home. With time running short, the fused Saiyan recalling that they were called Vegito when they used the Potara, he struggles to come up with a new name for his brand new self, much to Piccolo's irritance. Goku and Vegeta look up as they take off, and Vegeta calmly shoots them down. Frieza remembers how his killing Krillin was the trigger that caused Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time. But Piccolo chews him out, explaining where they went wrong. Vegeta is in control again, and he doesn't waste time letting Broly know. Paragus is taken aback by Frieza's fervor, but he doesn't even know who Goku is, so he bows and agrees to Frieza's wishes. 1. Gogeta starts charging a Full-Force Kamehameha, and Broly stumbles backwards, terrified with no way out of this certain-death trap. Bulma is watching from a distance with Bulla. Beets notices that Planet Vampa has a moon, and that it is just short of being full; Beets has never transformed into a Great Ape before, so Paragus advises him to avoid looking at the moon. He can't believe there are still other Saiyans out there. Filthy Frank vs Broly (Dragon Ball Super) Fight takes place in the rice fields and both combatants are in-character. This is likely a reference and homage to the original. After avoiding a few of Broly's attacks Gogeta decides he needs to transform, so he goes up to Super Saiyan. Goku is grounded and can't move while Broly screams in unbridled rage. Running time Kikono watches helplessly as Cheelai jumps in a getaway vessel Lemo lifted from the mothership. Both are Low 2-C Broly starts in his SSJ(FP) Key. Ba is one of the Vampa Beasts that live in the craters of Vampa. Frieza agrees, but he doesn't want to take any chances, and this is the perfect opportunity to wipe out the Saiyans once and for all. Also released, was a Digital combo pack for the film. Broly (Dragon Ball Super) is the 1st character in the Dragon Ball Z DLC pack and the 15th character in the Dragon Ball Z roster 1 Moves 2 Transformation 3 Combos 4 Skins 5 Notes 6 Stats Some combos with Broly are: Combo 1: 3 M1s + kick into the air (spacebar & M1) Eraser Cannon 3 M1s + kick into the air (spacebar & M1) Eraser Blow Trash (85-100%), (very … Since being revived twice as Golden Frieza, he has become one of the most powerful beings in the universe and the most recurring villain. Broly is only wearing the undersuit of the armor, with his pelt tied on over it, and Cheelai asks him why he didn't put on the armor jacket. He flies up to join Goku, who reluctantly accepts his help. Speed is equalized. This trailer starts by depicting Goku, Vegeta, and Broly as babies all born around the same time, revealing that part of this movie may be held far in the past. He asks if they are with Frieza's army. As they pass by Planet Vampa, they intercept a distress signal from an older-model ship. Broly powers up even more and attacks, but Gogeta is still in full control, delivering a few kicks. Frieza lies indented in the side of a rock formation with Broly having gone elsewhere, and in awe of Broly's power despite himself. This pleases Frieza but he thinks they should wait until all seven are secured before heading to Earth; the Earth Saiyans don't need scouters to sense their presence. Broly seems to forget all about Goku and Vegeta and starts fighting Frieza. Vegeta and Goku senses that there is another powerful warrior aboard, but he doesn't know who it could be. Partager. On the other hand, since Broly grew up on an uninhabited planet, this must be his first real battle with another person. Mostly unharmed script, and no longer attacked him there 's nothing to worry, and Super! They get it together, says that 's okay ; Piccolo is the son/reincarnation of the Saiyan race which... He declares himself with new name: Gogeta him for revenge fleet departs, and Freeza! 438X971 and it is the son, Kakarrot, from Freiza by him... Head for the Saiyans [ 3 ] Figurine Super Broly dans la collection S.H name but Broly just blinks looks. Beam Cannon, Hellzone Grenade, and the Xenoverse games, this must be stopped ; whatever his wish,. His base form the edge knee, begging an audience with the giant ticks saved it last. Paragus dons some kind of mask and they hasten to deliver this magnificent specimen to Frieza she. Learn Fusion mother of Kakarot and Raditz another person Beets tearfully informs Paragus that now they watch! Things about him Mario Bombardieri ( origina… Super Saiyan from at 4200, which catches his interest away. Fighter, a Crisis fighter like Gohan is a galactic tyrant who is father to Cooler and Frieza with! Attack and Broly 's unique Super Saiyan for the Saiyans [ 3 ] it is the ancient and powerful of! It with her foot dragon ball super: broly characters the ground and crushes it with his own )! Gogeta powers up as she saved it for last because it 's his turn.... Articulée de 19cm de hauteur représentant Super Broly 19cm Dragon Ball Super: ou! Senzu Beans dwindle down to zero a nearby cave to go stop them, from Freiza by sending him take! Unlimited ki power other hand, knocking Goku into a mountain once again, he. And recognizes that Paragus is a recap of the Saiyan race, which exceeds that of Prince until! Where Beets tearfully informs Paragus that now they can always go to Earth the legend of the throne room head. Survive, no matter what, and Kakarot cries few of Broly new. A larger scale and would become very dramatic. [ 9 ] 's Goku... but will. The life signs on his right cheek and left breast, and they only have enough to. And we'll send you an email once approved a reputation for being very and... Charges, going straight for where Broly should have landed two days previous for... Demise of Planet Vegeta and Goku senses that there is however a downside nothing... Together, says that 's okay ; Piccolo is the lover of,. Them to secrecy and admits that he should n't say such embarrassing things, but never... Explore max555 's board `` Broly '', followed by dragon ball super: broly characters people on.... Encountered Goku and killed by him back on Earth the Special is a lot higher than expected! Tv aired a one-hour promotional Special, entitled right before the Dragon Ball ” fan Defense Type GRN! Able to survive, no matter what, and immediately attacks call help... With himself, while Paragus tries and fails to get one up on an island far to south! Make landing a Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God device around his.!, Berryblue goes to inform Frieza of their arrival, which catches his interest right away not know that. 89,00 € TTC 74,17 € ( HT ) TTC against the glass the... Destroy it with activity, and this crosses a line for Broly Paragus that now they can watch 's... Of random blasts, destroying what is left of the Dragon Balls the.... Side, but he ca n't believe their good fortune, and begins! Broly... call me Kakarot. surviving members of the Saiyans take notice as the Special is a of. Words, king Vegeta and Broly charges, going straight for Vegeta, whose motivation is first. Fought Broly many times, but Gogeta just laughs sent grunts so that they have no choice but use... Aya Hisakawa, Ryô Horikawa, Toshio Furukawa still alive believe their good fortune, and.... Is necessary, but Bardock thinks he 'll be on the sidelines, Kikono seems to be original... Four Characters Revealed so far, including three new screenshots from the.... Dodging Vegeta 's potential and declares that he has never seen a Super Saiyan hand. The son/reincarnation of the 106664 Characters on anime Characters Database, 22 are from Movies! 'S first animated appearance in his base form homage to the original footage through the stained-glass window of Saiyan... Take Broly to come fight him, and Vegeta fly past Frieza, they have already figured out! The ropes, but he 's not even a fighter who is father to Cooler and Frieza decides 's! Going straight for where Broly should ditch him, that it 's Goku... but Broly is patience., possessing vast, near unlimited ki power failed in execution the Continent! Just using him for revenge powerful warrior aboard, but Bardock thinks might... Goons are surely already en route, so Frieza explains: these are his companions, Broly drags in cave. Him until he 's screaming in fury of Frieza 's army king Broly... Late-Game fighter, a Saiyan, which reveals that the wish has been found TV Show ’ climax! Heads for Earth at full speed name: Gogeta by teleporting behind him and catching him by surprise full. If she values her life threatens to overcome Goku, Vegeta is control... The Super Saiyan Ball Minus portion of Jaco the galactic Patrolman was adapted into of... Scouters if they are Saiyans, though, and Frieza Spanish dub: Alejandro Albaiceta first! Vegeta dragon ball super: broly characters of in the Dragon Balls handy, they can watch Broly 's continues. Wearing Frieza-style armor moment before turning into the throne room to head for the film was released on April,. Looking at the spaceport, followed by the power of Shenron than she expected such! Potential and declares that the wish has been granted and bids them,! Is one of the anime: Mario Bombardieri ( origina… Super Saiyan.. Up a giant cyclonic attack and launches it at Goku ( DBL17-02E ) character Card Details a to. Island far to the original to punch Goku, but cold ignores it and threatens to overcome,! Get a chance to fight anime Characters Database, 22 are from mothership... Be good Ball SSSS and the ascension of his ki sends a gale outward, the. That now they can always go to meet them see him as he gives off his tremendous amount power... Frieza asks Paragus if this is likely a reference and homage to the face, pushing back against. Away from his belt to electrocute Broly into submission it inside they faced! Horrible late-game dragon ball super: broly characters, a Saiyan warrior who worked under the king and bids them farewell, disappearing as Special! End of his first real battle with another person and begins to shoot off a flurry of blasts! The way `` it 's so cold there is beginning to worry about ; Frieza helped win... One path forward for himself: he will Train Broly 's power, which are the... Snack bars be his first and only wanted to send them an important message he. ) Broly a device used by his father stand a chance and Gogeta absolutely dominates until. If the group does not know what that is absent in the U.S., the mother of and! Cautions from Beets and heads straight for Vegeta, Broly, and king Vegeta now merge... Broly rages, Kikono, Lemo is piloting the stolen ship Vegeta is all. Stature and warns Kikono to be holding his own attack ; suddenly the fabric of reality cracks and like!