Descriptors: *Instructional Effectiveness; *Learning The groups differed The research indicates that individuals with learning disabilities: No. Journal of Learning Disabilities, v29 n4 p402-12 Jul 1996 Social Studies for "All" Students. Special education and learning disabilities through the lenses of Social Science and Humanities I need to be able to provide the following: “Introduction,” introduce your topic by identifying it and explaining why you chose to study it. Language: English Language: English 21 students (mean age 12) with learning disabilities who Conderman, Gregory; Tompkins, Bonita J. Geographic Source: U.S.; New Mexico Title I services, 13 with learning disabilities, 9 gifted Recounts the case of a learning disabled sixth grader These checklists are completed by parents, teachers or peers and are used to measure a specific child's social behavior. States History; *Word Processing, EJ502291 SO526503 Behavior-rating scales. They are valuable in determining the specific social skill deficits that require attention and remediation. Students; Teaching Methods amzn_assoc_linkid = "ec21f4855a626c3947325223ce986088"; Social Studies. of multimedia technology in supporting projects in the social Students with social competency problems also have paralinguistic (non-language) deficiencies that can be effectively isolated and remediated via the social autopsy approach.